From within my darkness arises my light - The Blade Collection

“I want my life to be the greatest story.
My very existence will be the greatest poem.
Watch me burn.”

Sounds dark? It is. As an artist, I am determined to push the envelope of regularity and bring out an element of beauty that one has difficulty in accepting but is irrepressibly attracted to. Usually one associates jewellery as the happy, shiny stuff, a lullaby of magic and pixie dust but The Blade Collection, is dark. Something in the incongruity of a blade and it's rebellious, dangerous, miniature form stole my attention. Symbolizing love, addiction, and healing, I decided to make the blade look pretty for my newest collection.

There's a dark place where we all feel hurt, broken, anger, jealousy, rebelliousness, and sad. Occasionally the best form of expression springs from heartbreak, sorrow, sadness or just simply, from nothingness. Doesn't it feel wonderful to sometimes dwell in an inexpiable state? I believe this is where some of the world’s greatest artistry springs from. The Blade Collection reminds you of that strength you never knew you had. It is meant to remind you of the beauty that you transformed into after that heart wrenching episode no one could relate to. 'Goth', as part of my collection, is a beautiful mode of expressing that inner self you want no one else to discern but yet you want to expose that bit of you ever so subtly.

My collection is the evolution of something radiant from brokenness. It’s the eschewing of the glorified reality, as I create my own, with all its oddities and the dissonance from the obligatory acceptable level of beauty.

I believe there’s a haunting beauty to darkness, to souls lighting up as they burn. It’s the rawness of uncertainty, the not knowing of a destination that formed the ideation behind my newest collection.

The Blade Collection is an attempt to capture the edginess of a blade, encased in the exquisiteness that jewellery embodies. Just as black trails behind white, and light walks hand in hand with the darkness, Goth is weaved into a jewel – nursed in darkness to break upon the world at large, trailing grandeur. It says 'Watch Me Burn', for from within my darkness arises my light.