An Exhibit of a Lifetime - About the Gala and Payal New York association

Paris, they say, is always a good idea. We agree wholeheartedly. Being honored in Paris amidst world class artists by Christie's this July will mark a grand moment in the history of our company. We believe, there's nothing better than discovering, to your own astonishment, what you're meant to do. It's like falling in love. We couldn't agree more, and, being honoured at the Musée du Louvre, home to Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, is perhaps us falling in love yet again! It's by far one of the greatest milestones of our journey. Payal New York will be gracing a prestigious awards ceremony organized by Christie's Paris at the world's greatest art museum, showcasing an unparalleled assortment of our limited collections of bespoke jewels.

Of course there is an award to be won set to be conferred by a jury comprised of renowned experts. This brings us the rare opportunity to be singled out as the best piece of each of the world’s leading watch and jewellery brands. With such a grand feat to achieve, goals to accomplish and dreams to fulfill, our summer of 2016 is taking on a pretty picture with Paris as its backdrop. Paris, the city of immortal artworks, filled with Parisians bursting with glittering charm, the hub of haute couture and rich cultural heritage, the city of lights, the haven of dreams and the grandest display of timeless art on this planet (can we get enough of it, perhaps not!), has always played a gracious host to Payal New York.

Walking up to I.M. Pei’s famous glass pyramid entrance to the Louvre can never get old. It always feels different no matter how many times one visits, and, with the prestigious invite from Christie's Paris, this time will be no different. We dream of our favorite Richelieu Wing at the Louvre for the collections of tapestries, ceramics, furniture, jewellery and other objects d’art, get our adrenaline going. The inspiration that one can derive from this part of the planet is, to say the least, priceless.

We are getting ready to put on quite a show and we look forward to be present at Avenue Matignon, a place known for its resplendent splendour, for an opening exhibition preview this summer. July 3, 2016 will witness a cocktail celebration in the evening at Hotel Le Bristol - a pearl of the Oetker Collection, which offers its own definition of luxury, talent, mastery and sincerity; defining the French way of living in its uniquely simplistic way. The exclusive pieces will be displayed in the exhibit, which will run its course on the 3rd and 4th of July. We have a feeling this summer will be one for the ages. Did anyone mention Paris being a good idea? We nod with galore of smiles!

Home to Mona Lisa, Michelangelo's Rebellious Slave and a thousand other art works, Paris - the artist's paradise is a place which suits the expressive nature of my work. From The Louvre Museum to Eiffel tower, from the Pantheon to Versailles, each monument, each museum, each brick ever laid in this city sings with the very song of love.

This is very basic to my creations, as well. Each collection's gems are curated from all over the world, inspired from deep rooted cultures, civilizations, heritage and symbols of artistic origins; traversing the journey to the depths of times and yet, unfailing in their resonance with the person who wears them.

They say, "There's nothing better than discovering, to your own astonishment, what you're meant to do. It's like falling in love." I couldn't agree more.

In fact, my name 'Payal' stands for an 'anklet' - a symbol of fashion and femininity. In a startling series of fate, my birth stone is a diamond and I've a diamond merchant as a life partner, as well. Thus, with my jewelry designs, it seems to me as I've come full circle with my very origins.